Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 2015 Update

Firstly I'd just like to say thank you to all those who have been commenting in the board below. I read them all and although I dont always have time to reply I take all suggestions and comments seriously. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time.

Secondly, this month has been pretty big for the game albeit rather slow in terms of development. I have decided to shift platforms and see what else was on the market to program the game in. Everything from C# to .NET to Xojo to even Unity Engine. I spent about 4-5 days "porting" the code over to these platforms (each!) to see how fast I could recreate the game and how everything was shaping up, so work on adding new features has been slow. But i'll touch down on what has happened...


Themes/skins will now be present in the game. It was something I wanted to do with S1 but wasnt able to in the end with how the design worked, but starting from the 20s all the way up until the 90s there will be seperate skins. These change when you move into a new decade and are (hopefully) reflective of what was 'popular' or the common themes. For instance the 20s is a black and white TV style theme where as the 50s theme is more shiny, daphne blue. You will be able to disable these from the start of the game and through the options menu, or just choose a theme you most prefer from the get-go (these will need to be unlocked though!).


A lot of players from the first game wanted to see some sort of soundtrack accompany the game. Those people will be happy to know I have a wicked soundtrack lined up. It is comprised of a number of licensed, creative common and custom-made tracks, including some amazing tunes from Viktor Ståhl (check out his Spotify page here). The game will feature a growing soundtrack and adapt as you make your way through the 20s-30s-40s, etc. Its something I'm quite pleased to introduce. You will of course be able to switch to your own player at any time and can even separately adjust the volume of the music player, but with the incredible soundtrack I have lined up I highly doubt that :P

Movie Roles

I got a lot of requests from people wanting to create their ultimate super-hero movies and now that's entirely possible... Roles have been given a makeover to allow players to fully customise the characters in their movies. You can now assign up to 12 characters (6 leading and 6 supporting roles), as well as 2 cameo appearances and of course the usual speaking and background extras (which have had their maximum value bumped up to 100). When you add a new role to your film, it will be randomly assigned a character role, which you can change if you wish. From here you can also assign the role a gender before proceeding onto the casting stage. For sequels, your roles will be automatically generated, and you can remove/switch them around as you please.
I for one can't wait to make an epic Batman franchise! I even started building one in the pre-alpha (check out the screenshot! :P)


Lastly I would like to discuss platforms for the game. The game is currently in development for Windows 7+ and will support Windows 10. The engine I am rebuilding my source code in is designed to allow multi-platform support, so I wont rule out porting to Mac or Linux systems when the game is closer to release. Porting isnt an easy thing and my resources are limited, so my focus is on Windows at this stage. Thanks for reading!