Saturday, October 21, 2017

October 2017 Update

I know, I know, its been a loooooonnng time between updates. The game is NOT dead, I have just been extremely busy this year with my business (the one that pays the bills) and literally have not had the energy or time to work on Showtime 2 as much as I would like. Progress has been slow but steady.

Going forward I have decided in order for the game to see the light of day before we all turn old and grey that some features will be scaled back or dropped altogether. I was probably a little too ambitious with the game to begin with. Instead, once the game sees a release then I will happily work on free updates once most of the features I originally intended to be in the game become a reality. While this may be disappointing for some to hear keep in mind that my vision for Showtime 2 grew about x10 larger than I anticipated way back when it was first announced. Also keep in mind the game has undertaken some massive changes since starting, including moving from VB6 to 2 other game engines and then back to Visual Studio 2017. The game also contains roughly x5 more game assets than the original game (which I have had to do all by myself) and probably double the amount of code in the original game (completely rewritten from scratch).

Thank you all for your interest, I hope to have something to show shortly but if I dont please dont take it that this is now vapourware, just believe that I have invested countless hours into this project and it WILL see the light of day; no one wants this out more than I do :) THANK YOU!