Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 2017 Update

So again its been a while between updates but I thought i'd share some stuff. I've received a few quite blunt emails lately from people asking I do an update; im really sorry i disappoint people but over the past 4 months I have built a local business which has taken up exactly 100% of my time. It is my living and as much as I love Showtime and Myrtilus it really doesnt pay the bills... its important that people understand this is unfortunately a passion project at this stage. That being said believe me when I say I have put hundreds of hours of work into this game and I will NEVER abandon it. I promise it will be released in 2017, and I am shooting for a mid-year release but with my new business its very difficult to find time. With that said, lets get into it...

Set Construction

I have spent a HUGE amount of time this past month on precisely 2 screens! lol There has been a ton of back-end programming which has gone into the set construction area of project development. I have changed a few things as well; you can now select 2 exterior locations and 2 set constructions. 

Selecting Sets

Set constructions can be filtered by genres. Some sets are considered 'generic' and can be used for a variety of films, but it will be general good practice to select only sets which suit the film you are making. Additionally, each set can be upgraded a number of times; they will be added to your studio lot and you can use them whenever you want. Each one will carry with it an updated description, a novelty value, an upkeep cost and a quality. Obviously the higher the budget of the film you are making the more you want to invest in your set constructions. In the event you want to create an animation; you will now have to select an Animation Studio -- like all other set constructions this can be upgraded over time; increasing the quality of your animated pictures.

Final thoughts...

So that's about it. Not a whole lot to show off and probably a bit of a disappointing devblog but as I said most of the work has been behind the scenes in getting these features to work smoothly. I plan to move onto the composing screen next; so hopefully next month I will have some fresh new screens to show off. Hopefully the month after that an editor will be made available if people want to help to populate the game. And with any luck soon after that (maybe 3 months from now) I will have a beta available which may be able to be downloaded from Early Access. We'll have to wait and see though :) Thanks!


  1. Cant see why people are complaining its not like the game is available to buy and then abandoned, personally id rather have a good game than a half finished mess. Really hope its in depth with genres and the money side

  2. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the release and wish you the best in your new business endeavor.